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We focus on providing our clients with consistently excellent service, reflecting the trust placed in us

Our team of highly skilled lawyers offer a broad range of expertise, including succession planning, tax mitigation, estate administration, trust structuring, and Wills and Power of Attorney planning. We will help you navigate these issues with empathy and professionalism.


Our firm was founded in 2017 by Louise Berry and Lauren Killilea, both highly regarded private client solicitors. Lauren and Louise had been working together since 2009 as partners in larger commercial law firms. They established Veta Law with the shared philosophy of providing clients with excellent legal advice in a sensitive, clear and concise way. This philosophy informs the approach of everyone at Veta Law. Since then, the Veta Law team has grown considerably and we continue to invest in exceptionally talented people.
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Our Family Office

We can help with the myriad of legal issues faced by modern wealthy families. In this context, your interests are likely to include: commercial and private property sales and purchases, trust and wealth management, estate and company management, family law advice and charitable (philanthropic) giving.

For many families, one of the biggest challenges is ensuring that the next generation is both ready for and aware of the wealth that they will inherit. We have considerable experience in helping you to prepare and to advise your children and grandchildren about the many issues that wealth brings.

Inheritance Tax Planning

Many of our clients wish to discuss inheritance tax planning, and we will advise you on the legal options available to mitigate this liability, both in your lifetime and on your death.

Our team offers a broad range of expertise, including succession planning, tax mitigation, trust structuring, and wills and power of attorney planning.

Some of our clients, or members of their families, face domicile or multi-jurisdictional issues caused by living, working or owning property in different countries.

Specifically, we advise on:

• Wills
• Trusts
• Inheritance tax planning
• Family investment companies
• Domicile and multi-jurisdictional issues

Probate & Estate Administration

We are highly experienced in dealing with all aspects of probate and estate administration. We have advised on many complex estates, including dealing with those which have cross-border and multi-jurisdictional issues.

We are also able to advise on other complex estates, including those with issues such as business and agricultural property relief, significant lifetime gifts and other inheritance tax matters which require negotiation with HMRC. We have also been involved in applications where original wills have been lost, requiring applications for emergency grants, and we have been praised for how we deal with matters where there are charities involved.

Disputed Wills & Estates

We have also been involved in many disputed estates. Although we do not advise on matters which require litigation, we have successfully helped families to avoid costly litigation by advising on pragmatic solutions. When necessary, we work closely with litigation lawyers in helping to structure settlements, and we have also been appointed by the court as replacement executors when the appointed executors need to step down. Specifically, we advise on:

• Disputed estates
• Complex UK-based estates
• Cross-border estate administration
• Grant applications and administration